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Dear Friends of the Vedanta Movement,

The Brisbane Chapter – Vedanta Centre of Sydney, has embarked on the noble venture of building a new Multipurpose Community building in a parcel of land located in Springfield Lakes. The building project comprises of two halls, residence for teacher and the caretaker, kitchen facilities, office and meeting rooms, library and book display.

This building will serve the community by providing space for holding of classes, seminars, workshops and other educational activities. This will be an environment friendly, energy efficient building. Once constructed, space will be available for community groups to hold their meetings and programmes in designated areas.

The design and construction of the Centre is estimated to cost $3 million. A detailed expenditure and architectural drawings of this project is given in this brochure. To enable the commencement of construction by February 2016, we require an initial starting capital of approximately $500,000.

We earnestly request you not to miss this opportunity, as well as the privilege of being actively involved in this noble venture. Your involvement and participation is indispensable to the successful completion of this project.

There are various ways of participating and involving yourself in this noble task:

  • An outright donation to the Centre- You or your nominee’s name will be displayed on a plaque, with your consent, for a donation of $5,000 or more;
  • A pledged monthly contribution to the building fund;
  • An interest free loan to the Centre for 2- 5 years;
  • A loan to the Centre at an interest rate of 3.5% pa with interest paid on an annual basis, and capital repayment at the end of 5 years;
  • Buy a brick at $10.

All donations are tax deductible.

Apart from these options, if it is comfortable and convenient for you to contribute and participate in any other form, you are most welcome to contact us to work out an acceptable plan. Needless to say, whatever may be the contribution, big or small, it will be gratefully accepted. We count on your unstinted support.

We will be ever grateful to you for helping with this project.

Yours ever sincerely,
Swami Sridharananda
for and on behalf of the Management Committee
Brisbane Chapter – Vedanta Centre of Sydney