Worshipping Sri Ramakrishna’s Statue
at the Sri Ganesha Temple

4915, Mt Lindesay Highway
Qld 4280, Australia


Items Required:

  1. New material (Dhoti) approximately 1 metre long
  2. 1 new chucks (soft hand towel) for cleaning the statue
  3. A small quantity of oil for the lamp, Flowers, sweets, fruits
  4. Incense sticks (agarbatti)

Please note: we should not use wet cloth to wipe the statue as it is made of metal.


  • Remove garlands and scruff and take it home
  • Wash the cotton material for next use
  • Wipe clean the statue of Sri Ramakrishna
  • Wrap the new cloth around the statue
  • Decorate the image with a garland
  • Light the lamp and offer sweets and fruits

Light the incense sticks (agarbatti) and offer your prayers by reciting the following mantra:

Om Aim Sarva Deva Devi Swaroopaaya

Meaning: I bow down to Sri Ramakrishna, who is the spiritual embodiment of all forms of the Divine